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Monte Sereno Biohazardous Cleanup

This toilet stall appears to be okay, but the overflow from the bowl, not the tank, had seeped under the vinyl floor tiles and wicked into the walls. The propri... READ MORE

Storm Damage Cleanup And Restoration In Lexington Hills

Don’t let storm damage to your Lexington Hills home cause you to panic; our experts are here to help! You can contact our storm damage professionals 24/7.... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration In Monte Sereno

No need to panic if a storm damages your Monte Sereno home, our crew has your back! You can reach our storm damage experts 24/7. Our swift response will limit f... READ MORE

Flood in a Los Gatos Fabricating Plant

After the main water line ruptures and spews many gallons of clean, uncontaminated water onto the floor of a Los Gatos fabricating plant, a fast removal can sig... READ MORE

Los Gatos Vandalized Retail Restroom

The restroom in this retail shop in Los Gatos suffered the brunt of a small fire that was purposely ignited in the trash can. SERVPRO fire and smoke damage rest... READ MORE

Water Damage - Los Gatos Kitchen

Water damage at this Los Gatos home’s kitchen was the result of a leak in a water supply line to the dishwasher. The water damage was allowed to develop b... READ MORE

Mold and Water Restoration in Los Gatos

Before a vacant property can be put on the market, an inspection is usually needed. A structure in the Los Gatos area was discovered to have water leaks, pervas... READ MORE

Water Damage – Los Gatos Home

Water damage at this Los Gatos home began when the washing machine on the second floor malfunctioned. The homeowner was out when the problem occurred allowing a... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Los Gatos

If water plagues your commercial property in Los Gatos, you need to contact our crew of experts immediately. Our fast response will limit further damage and pre... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Monte Sereno Home

Storm damage to this Monte Sereno home was the result of roof damage caused by stormy weather tearing a portion of the roof from the dwelling. The leaking roof ... READ MORE