Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage Cleanup And Restoration In Lexington Hills

Don’t let storm damage to your Lexington Hills home cause you to panic; our experts are here to help! You can contact our storm damage professionals 24/7.... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration In Monte Sereno

No need to panic if a storm damages your Monte Sereno home, our crew has your back! You can reach our storm damage experts 24/7. Our swift response will limit f... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Monte Sereno Home

Storm damage to this Monte Sereno home was the result of roof damage caused by stormy weather tearing a portion of the roof from the dwelling. The leaking roof ... READ MORE

Severe Wind and Rain Storm Damage in Monte Sereno

When straight-line microbursts rip off a roof in the Monte Sereno area of CA the storm damage can be devastating. Complete flooding of the ceilings, walls, and ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Los Gatos Home

Storm Damage struck this vacant Los Gatos house when a very severe bout of thunderstorms passed through the area. Leaks in the roof and weathered seals around t... READ MORE

Storms and Damage to a Los Gatos Kitchen

The breach in the roof from a severe storm not only damaged the protective shell of this home in Los Gatos, but it dumped rain into the attic crawl and damaged ... READ MORE