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Don't Let Rain Ruin Your Day

2/2/2024 (Permalink)

Flooded Street in San Jose Rain causes major flooding in the street

SERVPRO® is a professional restoration and cleaning service that can assist you in the event of rain-related damage to your property. Here are some ways in which SERVPRO can help:

1. **Water Damage Restoration:**
- If your property experiences flooding or water damage due to heavy rain, SERVPRO can provide water extraction services to remove standing water.
- They use advanced equipment such as pumps, dehumidifiers, and air movers to thoroughly dry the affected areas.

2. **Mold Remediation:**
- Excessive rain and moisture can lead to mold growth. SERVPRO offers mold remediation services to assess and address any mold issues in your home or business.

3. **Storm Damage Cleanup:**
- Rainstorms can cause various types of damage, including roof leaks, broken windows, and structural damage. SERVPRO can assist in cleaning up and repairing these damages.

4. **Document Drying:**
- If you have important documents or valuable items that are damaged by rainwater, SERVPRO provides document drying services using specialized techniques to salvage and restore these items.

5. **Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning:**
- Rainwater can soil carpets and upholstery. SERVPRO offers professional cleaning services to restore and refresh these items.

6. **Emergency Response:**
- SERVPRO is available 24/7 for emergency response. If you experience rain-related damage, you can contact them, and they will dispatch a team promptly to assess the situation and begin the restoration process.

7. **Insurance Coordination:**
- SERVPRO can work with your insurance company to streamline the claims process and ensure a smooth and efficient restoration experience.

It's important to note that the specific services offered may vary depending on the franchise location and the nature of the damage. If you are facing rain-related issues, contacting your local SERVPRO office is advisable to discuss your specific needs and receive personalized assistance.

Are Flood Waters Dangerous?

8/20/2022 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO van in a neighborhood Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno right away if you need help with flood damage restoration.

Flood Damage Often Brings Contamination into your Home. SERVPRO Provides Licensed Restoration for Los Gatos Residents

Floodwaters typically contact soils, chemicals, and pathogens before reaching your home. These contaminants can be hazardous. Our roster of licensed technicians can restore your home to a safe, sanitary condition.

Cross-contamination is a common byproduct of Flood Damage for Los Gatos residents that requires professional assessment and cleaning. Typical contaminants may include human pathogens, viruses, bacteria, herbicides, or pesticides. These contaminants must be removed from the property to ensure it remains inhabitable. Specific regulations and laws govern contaminated items or wastewater. SERVPRO is a licensed flood restoration service that can expertly assess and restore your home after a flood. We have experience working in severe storms and flood recovery operations and working under hygienists and indoor environmental specialists' guidance. Together, we can return your home to a pre-accident condition.

  • We can cut out contaminated drywall from a flooded property and replace it with clean drywall and, where necessary, insulation. 
  • Our flood pumps can pass the solid waste to ensure that your property is drained quickly after a flood or storm event.
  • Using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, our technicians can restore your home to a sanitary state.

How To Restore a Basement or Crawlspace After Flooding

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

mud on floor, flood damage Flood damage to a home in Cambrian Park, CA.

The Aftermath of Flooding

In the aftermath of flooding in Cambrian Park, CA, the basements or crawlspaces of homes may be filled with standing water. Allowing this water to stand will increase the risk of mold growth and may result in structural damage. Homeowners can rent home flood relief equipment or rely on the expertise and equipment of a restoration company.

Extract Water

It is important to eliminate any water remaining under a home after a flood or other storm damage. Several types of equipment work well for this purpose:

  • Pumps
  • Wet vacs
  • Push brooms

It may be difficult to reach some portions of a crawlspace. A push broom with an extended handle can be used to move water to places where it can be vacuumed. A portable, submersible sump pump is useful for removing standing water from crawlspaces.

Dry the Area

A home flood can cause extensive primary damage, but excessive moisture in any portion of a residence may lead to mold growth. It is important to completely dry out a basement or crawlspace. Specialized equipment is also useful during this stage of restoration:

  • Air movers
  • Fans
  • Dehumidifiers

It may take several days for an area exposed to flood water to dry completely. It is important not to rush restoration, as replacing building materials or performing repairs in a damp environment may elevate the risk of structural damage or mold

Prevent Future Floods

If flooding is common in an area, a homeowner should have a working sump pump in the basement or crawlspace of his or her home. Other plumbing equipment such as a backflow valve, floor drain plug, standpipe or overhead sewer may also be helpful for avoiding a sewage backup.

These measures may reduce the risk of damage resulting from a home flood. If flooding occurs frequently in Cambrian Park, CA, homeowners should take preventative measures to keep water from accumulating under houses.

How Business Interruption Insurance Differs From Other Insurance

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Business interruption insurance form and red pen for signing. Interruption insurance usually starts when a business is closed due to a covered event.

For your company to remain strong in difficult times, it will need a good insurance plan. The complete mix of insurance products will depend upon many things, but your company will require a comprehensive policy that protects against property damage and liability concerns. A complete or partial rebuild could cost many thousands of dollars. A major disaster could also cause your building in Cambrian Park, CA, to shut down for days or even weeks. In these situations, your company could face a significant loss of business income, resulting in the inability to pay creditors, vendors and employees. Fortunately, there is insurance available for a business shutdown.

The Basics of Business Interruption Insurance

This type of insurance is typically added to your primary policy, which pays for such things as storm damage, fire damage, a rebuild or other covered perils. Interruption insurance usually starts when a business is closed due to a covered event. It typically helps with the following operational costs:

  • Loan payments
  • Loss of business income
  • Expenses as a result of the closed business
  • Employee payroll
  • Taxes
  • Rent or lease payments

Once your company is able to operate again, this type of insurance is no longer in effect. In some cases, depending upon your policy, you could get reimbursed for efforts to set up a temporary place of business.

The Basics of Successful Remediation

No matter what type of disaster your company faces, it might need the services of a professional storm remediation franchise. This highly-trained team can remove standing water from your facility caused by storms or floods. An assortment of technicians can remove excess moisture, clean and sanitize the building and restore damaged materials. They can return your building to its original condition.
If a rebuild is necessary, experienced professionals can complete the work efficiently. This allows your company to get back to work again in a timely manner.

3 Tips for Preventing Post Flood Mold

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment in a room, drywall removal Dry the area that has been affected by water to avoid mold growth.

3 Ways to Avoid Mold After a Flood

If your Saratoga, CA, has experienced flooding after a storm, then you may be worried about the possibility of mold growth. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help mitigate this potential problem. Many mold remediation professionals recommend the following

1. Thoroughly Dry the Area

The first step to take care of in the event you may have mold damage is to completely dry any area affected by water. In many cases, a professional restoration company may use a dehumidifier. Getting rid of the water can help make the area inhospitable to mold spores.

2. Have an Expert Test for Mold

On some occasions, the potential mold growth may not yet be visible. If you believe you may have mold in your home, even after drying and sanitizing the flooded area, then a professional may be able to perform a test. Testing can include taking air samples, pulling a sample from an at-risk material, or taking a surface sample. If mold has been found, then your mold remediation professional can formulate a plan for mold removal.

3. Clean Any Water Damaged Items

Another common tip for complete mold removal includes thoroughly cleaning any items that may have been affected by the storm damage. Mold spores can grow on any organic material that contains moisture. This can include carpeting, wood, upholstery, and even drywall. Fortunately, there are a number of methods to properly clean and sanitize these items.

Because mold growth usually occurs in damp areas, thoroughly drying any flooded areas can help prevent this type of problem. If you believe mold has already set in you can have a professional test for spores. It is also a good idea to properly clean any items affected by the water damage as well. If you have any questions a professional may be able to help.

3 Tips for Finding and Fixing a Roof Leak

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Stained ceiling due to water. Roof leak Storm damage in Cambrian Park, CA.

Three Ways to Find and Repair a Roof Leak

If your business is facing a roof leak in Cambrian Park, CA, you may be wondering what to do about it. Fortunately, there are a few tips that many experts recommend keep your roof in top shape. Here are a few things you might want to consider.

1. Inspect the Roof

If you believe there may be a leak an inspection may be desired. Indications of damage could include missing shingles, wind-worn areas, or damp areas. Depending on the type of damage you may need to take different repair steps. Many experts recommend looking over the roof bi-annually. If you’ve been through a particularly bad storm, you may want to check for damage then as well.

2. Fix Problem Areas Quickly

When fixing a roof leak or other parts of a damaged roof, it's important to conduct the repairs as quickly as possible. This can help prevent further damage to the area. In some cases, you may want to board over the space in order to prevent the elements from causing further issues.

3. Thoroughly Check Over the Area

It's also important to thoroughly check over your roof in order to ensure that no other areas have been damaged. A professional restoration team may be able to help if you have a large area to fix or are worried about the interior of your roof suffering from water damage. If you're uncomfortable conducting the repairs yourself, or unsure what type of repairs may be necessary contacting a professional is recommended.

When dealing with a roof leak it's important to fix any damage as quickly as possible. One way to find damage before it gets worse is to conduct regular inspections of the roof. It's also important to thoroughly check over the area to ensure that there is no damage and any nearby locations. If you have any questions a professional may be able to help.

How To Distinguish Between Commercial Flood, Storm and Water Damage

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

standing water in a commercial building, flooded commercial building Commercial water damage in Saratoga, CA.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Commercial Flood, a Storm, and Water Damage

As a business owner, you must think about potential hazards to your organization. When water accumulates inside our outside your building, business operations may be affected. To mitigate risk, you may choose to purchase flood or water-damage insurance. When shopping for coverage, you need to know the difference between flood damage and other types of damage.

Business Damage Due to Flooding
For both insurance and other purposes, flood-related damage refers to damage caused by a specific type of event. If your business has sustained damage due to the following, the damage may constitute flood-related damage:

  • Water covers a large area of typically dry land
  • Water overflows due to a unforeseen circumstances
  • Water breaches a containment area, such as a reservoir or lake

By contrast, water that falls from the sky usually does not, by itself, cause flood-related damage. This type of weather event may, however, result in storm-related damage.

Business Damage Caused by Storms
Storm damage occurs when your business sustains damage during severe weather. Some common types of storm-related damage come from the following weather events:

  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Blizzards
  • Ice
  • Tornadoes

While water may accumulate during severe weather, storm-related damage is different from flood damage in a significant way. That is, with storm-related damage, water does not breach a container. Instead, it accumulates in an area as a result of severe weather.

Business Damage Related to Water
Additionally, water damage is different from both flooding and storm-related damage. With water damage, a system inside our outside your building fails. Broken or leaky pipes are commonly to blame, but they are not the only source of water damage in Saratoga, CA, businesses. On the contrary, clogged gutters or ice dams may also cause your building to sustain water-related damage.
For insurance and other purposes, you likely need to know the difference between water, storm, and flood damage. If your business has been damaged, a restoration service can likely help you return it to its pre-damage condition.

Contact Our Crew After A Flood To Avoid Potential Dangers In Your Cambrian Park Home

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

Floor with mud, flood damage in a home The aftermath of flooding in a Cambrian Park, CA home

Major Hazards Arise From Flood Damage In Cambrian Park

While all-natural disasters can carry safety hazards and become a serious risk for any homes and homeowners caught up in them, flood damage in communities like Cambrian Park can catch many people by surprise. Many of the most severe safety hazards associated with the average flood remain unseen while representing a constant or growing threat, but with advance knowledge of what to look out for, you can avoid most or all of the potential health effects of a flood.

Both during and after most flood damage in Cambrian Park, anyone without sufficient personal protective equipment may be at a very high risk of illness or infection. Storm floods give microscopic organisms an excellent chance to grow and multiply at unprecedented rates. Mold, bacteria, and other bacteria can cause health effects when exposed to open wounds, and with a high risk of being scratched or cut in a flood-damaged environment, these risks pose such a significant threat that we recommend you never enter a wet area without the permission and guidance of an on-site SERVPRO employee.

Electrocution hazards may be ubiquitous in the aftermath of a flood. Electrical outlets and electronic devices can both send strong electrical currents through anything in contact with a wet area, and in some cases, loose wires may pose additional problems after they are severed by debris carried by flood waters. Particularly strong storms may also knock over power lines, potentially creating a fire and electrocution hazard throughout the entire home. Once again, stay away from wet areas and avoid electronic devices to protect yourself from these threats.

Other Hazards
Floods can cause many more safety complications to arise. Fire hazards can present themselves, gas leaks can create additional threats, and many more unfortunate situations can pose a threat to your health. The best way to safeguard yourself from the unexpected is to wait for a SERVPRO inspector to arrive and evaluate the situation before entering the flood-damaged building.

4 Flood Safety Tips Everyone Should Remember

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

Flooding outside home and sandbags in front of the door. Remember that flood safety comes before anything else after a severe Saratoga, CA, storm.

If you are a homeowner in Saratoga, CA, you likely have either experienced household flooding in the past or will have to be prepared for it in the future. Clean up and restoration are important steps to take after a flood, but the security of you and your loved ones comes first. Here are four important tips for flood safety that you and your family should keep in mind year-round.

1. Listen to Authorities

This is one of the most critical safety tips. If the coast has not been cleared for you to return to your property, do not even think about attempting to do so. Trust the judgment of law enforcement and stay put; your well-being is more important than your house.

2. Wear Protection

After a flood, wild animals may go indoors to seek refuge. If you are doing any light cleanup before professional help has arrived, or you are simply trying to survey the damage, make sure to wear gloves, boots, and other equipment for flood safety at all times in case dangerous wildlife are inside your home.

3. Beware of Shock

If you can safely do so, turn off your electricity before touching electrical appliances in your home. If you cannot shut off your power, do not touch these devices at all to avoid electrocution.

4. Avoid Floodwater

Floodwater can be dangerous for many reasons. If you are stuck in a building with high levels of water, your best bet for safety will be to seek the highest level of ground possible. This may mean climbing onto the roof in some cases.

Remember that flood safety comes before anything else after a severe Saratoga, CA, storm. If something feels unsafe to you, it probably is. Homeowners often get wrapped up in worry over their home’s safety, but buildings and objects can be replaced; your health and welfare are much more important.

3 Key Things Your Business Needs Before a Storm Arrives

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

External drive connected to a computer Keep computer files backed up on an external hard drive or cloud.

If your company in Monte Sereno, CA is heading into a stormy season, now is the time to prepare for potential impacts to your business. Don't wait until your local forecast includes rain, damaging winds, or even a more serious weather event. Start developing corporate emergency plans now that address your assets as well as property and flood insurance policies.

Create a Disaster Plan

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a disaster plan to ensure it minimizes downtime and losses in the event of an emergency situation. Plans should be reviewed every year to update for changes in management and staffing, office locations, individual and commercial insurance carriers, and local or regional government issues.
Your plan should include the following:

  • Primary and alternate work locations for all departments
  • Backup and recovery of data and systems
  • Vehicle and asset lists for all your locations
  • Employee contact information

Anticipate Damage
If a weather event is forecast and your office is located in an area under a state of emergency, planning for potential damage is essential to successfully minimizing the impact to your business. Develop a list of construction companies, storm damage restoration services, and other contractors to help with cleanup and rebuilding after the storm. Review the list annually to ensure you have up-to-date contact information.

Get Covered Early
Most carriers require a 30-day wait period before a newly purchased policy goes into effect. Some insurance companies also stop issuing new policies in regions under threat of adverse weather events. To ensure your company is covered well in advance of a natural disaster, compare quotes for property and flood insurance policies long before you may actually need them, and select the best coverage early.
Identify what you have, who will fix it, and where to get property and flood insurance. Planning is the key to successfully surviving a season of storms.

Does SERVPRO Provide Flood Water Clean-Up in Los Gatos?

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

Boots in flood water When water takes over your home, call in our IICRC certified technicians for water removal services.

SERVPRO Offers Flood Damage Restoration Services in Los Gatos

Los Gatos is part of what is known as Silicon Valley, with several hi-tech companies located in the valley. It is incorporated and part of Santa Clara County, in the southwest corner of San Jose. The population of Los Gatos is approximately 30,000 people. Los Gatos is named after the cougars and bobcats that roamed in the foothills around the town.

Los Gatos began in the 1860s and incorporated in 1887. Evolving from a mill and logging town to an agricultural and an arts colony with musicians, painters, writers, and actors, it is a vibrant city with the addition of the hi-tech industry in later years.

There are many activities for visitors and residents to consider in and around Los Gatos. The following are several of these activities many people enjoy:

  • Los Gatos Creek Trail
  • Vasona Lake County Park
  • Castle Rock State Park
  • Vineyards
  • Testarossa
  • Byington Vineyard and Winery
  • Loma Prieta Winery
  • Silver Mountain Vineyards
  • MJA Vineyards
  • David Bruce winery
  • Regale Winery & Vineyards
  • Left Bend Winery
  • Burell School Vineyards & Winery
  • Wrights Station Vineyard and Winery
  • Villa del Monte Winery
  • Castle Rock Falls
  • Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad
  • Limekiln Trail
  • New Museum of Los Gatos

Los Gatos Creek Trail 

The Los Gatos Creek Trail runs for 10 miles beginning in Campbell and winding its way through San Jose to Los Gatos. There is a dog park, and many people enjoy the trail by walking, cycling, jogging, and skateboarding. There are many flat stretches as well as hilly terrain along the route.

Explore Downtown Los Gatos

Visit North Santa Cruz Avenue and explore the stores, eateries, salons, and stores. Enjoy the architecture of the older sections of the street.

Castle Rock State Park

The Castle Rock State Park is a huge park with over 5000 acres of wild, natural state forests of redwoods, Douglas fir, and madrone forests. There are roughly 32 miles of hiking trails that link up with a host of other trails along the Pacific Coast. There are also two walk-in campgrounds for visitors to complete overnight backpacking. Visitors also use the trails for jogging and mountain biking. Don’t forget to visit Goat Rock to enjoy fantastic views.


There are many vineyards in the Los Gatos area to visit. The warm climate and mountain climates enable multiple vineyards to thrive in the area. Enjoy the history of each vineyard and the breathtaking views offered from their tasting rooms. Most tasting rooms are open daily with opportunities to try their wines and purchase their products.

Does SERVPRO Disinfect Structures After Flood Damage in Los Gatos?

Floodwaters in Los Gatos can carry a large amount of dirt, silt, debris, and also biohazards collected from various sources as the water rages through a neighborhood. 

As the stormwater subsides, all of this material is left on your property. It is quite frequently inside your home as well.

SERVPRO provides water damage restoration after a storm, including biohazard remediation. We remove the debris and any water left in your house, along with the silt and dirt that has been washed into the home. We also thoroughly clean everything and apply disinfectant to remove all disease-carrying viruses and bacteria. Our services include:

  • Biohazard remediation
  • Mold Inspection and removal
  • Flood restoration
  • Water Damage Repairs

Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno for flood damage clean-up services in Los Gatos and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (408) 600-2020

Monte Sereno Residents Deserve Reliable Flood Damage Restoration from Skilled Professionals

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles in front of SERVPRO building Our Green Fleet is ready to go to handle any flooding in Monte Sereno.

When You Require Help with Flooding After a Storm, SERVPRO is There to Address the Damage to Your Monte Sereno, CA, Home 

If you search for serenity and picturesque views, you will find it in Monte Sereno, CA. This town is situated on the western side of Santa Clara County along the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains base. Just minutes from San Jose, this is a town brimming with semi-rural flair and excellent community involvement. Even though it is one of the smaller populations within the County, Monte Sereno has roughly 4,000 residents that live within the 1.6 square miles. 

While there are no businesses located within the town, the region blends to bring you plenty of things to see and do within a very short driving distance. The landscape is made up of green views along the coast as well as lovely rolling hills. One of the most intriguing places to explore is an open space preserve in El Sereno, which includes 7.4 miles of trails that meander over 1,415 acres. 

Due to the makeup of the town of Monte Sereno, they share various elements with Los Gatos – including the police department, library, schools, and parks. The Santa Clara Valley region was settled around the start of the 1770s by non-natives, with this town being part of an 1839 land grant given to gentlemen known as Hernandez and Peralta. These two men have been said to have founded Los Gatos. 

One of the most famous past residents known to Monte Sereno is John Steinbeck, the author of the world-famous book entitled Of Mice and Men. In the middle of the 1950s, the region began to encounter tremendous growth, which some say seemed too rapid. To halt the expansion, Monte Sereno became fully incorporated in 1957, so it did not get annexed to a large city or neighboring Los Gatos. 

Exploring All That Monte Sereno, CA, Has to Offer

Nothing lacks in terms of sights to see or experience while in the Monte Sereno area. Whether you are an avid nature buff or you like to sample fine food and drink, you will know that you can fill your days and nights with plenty of chances to make memories. 

When it comes to local sights and museums, some of the best stops to make while in the area include: 

  • Lexington Reservoir County Park –This park spans 950 acres and rests just minutes from the populated areas within Santa Clara County. Here, you will find a human-made reservoir that offers 338 acres for shoreline fishing, as well as plenty of stunning landscapes to view and wildlife for which to look out. Visitors will also find picnic tables, a boat launch, and portable restroom facilities.
  • Whitney Modern –When you want to take in some fine art, Whitney Modern is a premier gallery located within Silicon Valley. This space often houses a broad range of exhibitions and art consultations, tours, and staging services available for new and established collectors and the promotion of fine art.
  • The CATS –If you want a unique stop, don't miss out on The CATS, which is an old-school venue that features old-school décor and two stone cats that grace the front entrance. Many people stop here for the chance to snap a picture or two, but there are also BBQ meat offerings as well as many live bands and other entertainment to be had at any given time. 

Dining and Beverages 

  • Philz Coffee is located on Blossom Hill Road, and it is the ultimate place to go for coffee, specialty brew, or a cup of tea. Grab a bite to eat and drink and relax in this quaint coffee shop or order snacks to take with you on the road.
  • Plumed Horse can be found on Big Basin Way and a great stop when you want to sample an eclectic menu of delicious eats. There is also an extensive wine menu to choose from and hand-crafted chocolates, and other specialties in the world-famous, on-site chocolaterie.
  • Billy's Boston Chowder House proves that you can have the taste of New England while visiting the sunny West Coast. Situated on East Main Street, this chowder house boasts menu items like New England "chowda," hot buttered "lobsta" rolls, and crispy English fish n' chips. 

The Way That You Handle Flood Damage After a Storm Determines the Amount of Loss Your Monte Sereno Home encounters 

Storms often happen without warning, leaving immense devastation in their wake. Rather than trying to take the burden on yourself with DIY methods, you can look to our skilled crew at SERVPRO to restore your Monte Sereno property to preloss condition. Whenever you have flooding after a storm, we arrive fast to help with board-up services, water extraction, and controlled demolition to get the build-back process going. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, which gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you will be back to your routine as quickly as possible. 

Flood damage in Monte Sereno may come on after significant rainfall, including wind and debris issues. SERVPRO has the skills to tackle any flooding you are dealing with, including careful processes for handling water with potential contaminants such as: 

  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Microbial bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Chemicals
  • Silt and debris
  • Fecal matter
  • Vermin, and more 

We come in to perform an assessment that tells us the best way to proceed. Our crew handles each situation with detailed precision, making sure to wear all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep our team safe. Everything is cleaned and sanitized before we finish the project to ensure your family's safety and any pets living within the home. 

Flood damage is nothing that any homeowner should take lightly, which is where we come in at SERVPRO of Los Gatos/Monte Sereno. We have crews on standby to give you the confidence that skilled technicians will be available 24 hours to handle any emergency that you encounter. You can reach us by calling (408) 600-2020, and we will send out our Green Fleet to your property to begin the assessment.

Can Floods Cause Structural Damage To Your Los Gatos Home?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding Bedroom Interior Each property is unique, which is why professional knowledge is necessary for efficient restoration.

Flood Damage Can be Devastatingly Destructive to your Los Gatos Home. SERVPRO is a Professional Restoration Service that Can Return it to Pre-flood Conditions.

Do building materials affect flood losses?
The construction of your Los Gatos home may contain some standard and some unique building materials. These materials can be adversely affected by sudden water exposure. Building and material sciences are developing fields that professional restoration technicians can reduce and recover losses after flooding. Our technicians can help avoid unwanted surprises during restoration by working from a robust base-line knowledge of how materials are affected by water. Our ability to identify assembly and materials helps to place a strategic demo and drying strategy to recover your home after flooding.

Can a building affect the drying of a property?
    •    Tight building envelopes allow technicians greater control over drying conditions.
    •    A moderate envelope has some influence from outdoors, which can affect drying.
    •    Loose envelopes are tough to dry due to an inability to control conditions.

What are building envelopes, and how do they affect drying?
The type of building envelope can affect the extent of flood damage in your Los Gatos home. Building envelopes are what separates indoors from outdoors. These may include roofs, ceilings, doors, foundations, floors, and exterior walls. Water migration is a real factor in flood losses, with looser envelopes allowing for more significant migration and an increased chance of condensation damages. Buildings with good insulation and tight structural design are generally quicker to dry because equipment like furnaces and dehumidifiers are more effective. SERVPRO can address looser structural design by creating smaller drying chambers in the property.

What other aspects of a home can affect drying?
    •    Fireplaces as well as exhaust vents that may be found in kitchens or bathrooms
    •    Plumbing and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
    •    Air exchange systems and gas appliances

Each property is unique, which is why professional knowledge is necessary for efficient restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Why Is Safety So Important During Flood Water Removal in Los Gatos?

9/6/2020 (Permalink)

flooded laundry room with items floating around Ensuring your house is clear of water after a flood is a hard job. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services for your home.

How Los Gatos Residents Can Avoid Health Hazards During Flood Water Removal

No one in Los Gatos wants to think about a natural disaster overcoming their home. Unfortunately, natural disasters are a fact of life, and you cannot always avoid them. Thankfully SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help when something goes wrong.

Flood water removal in Los Gatos is a job for the professionals. Health and safety is a primary concern when removing flood water from a property.

Why is safety essential during water removal?

Flooding brings about many hazards:

  • Water can soak into plaster and drywall and make a building unsafe
  • Tiles might become loose, or windows might break
  • Floodwater can contain nasties such as bacteria, viruses, and even sewage
  • Moisture means a risk of mold growth shortly

What does SERVPRO do to stay safe?

Our extensive training program includes safety awareness to ensure our technicians know how to handle any situation. Securing your property is vital, which is why we:

  • Carry out a thorough assessment
  • Board up doors and windows if needed
  • Bring in safe emergency electricity supplies if we require power
  • Remove hanging or buckling plaster and drywall

We also outfit our teams with plenty of personal protective equipment.

How can I protect my family during flood water removal?

The best advice is to get your family to a place of shelter. Do not attempt to carry out repairs or cleanup yourself – it is better to rely on the professionals. 

Our teams will advise you about safety and what steps we plan to take when we arrive. Please listen carefully to our advice, and ask any questions you may have. We are always here for you.

Can you help with structural damage?

Yes, we can. If your home needs structural repair such as replacing drywall, roof repairs, or replacement windows, we can help. Depending on the situation at hand, we will either carry out repairs or bring in outside contractors. We train and supervise outside workers to ensure their work is of the high standard we demand from our employees.

For help with flood water removal, call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Click here for more information about Los Gatos.

What Challenges Exist in Drying Flood Damage in Los Gatos Homes?

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment stacked inside warehouse This is just some of the equipment at our disposal to restore your home. We are prepared to handle any of your water damage restoration needs.

With Humid Conditions and Other Obstacles Existing After a Flood, Drying Efforts can Become a Challenge 

As the standard of a request as drying and water recovery might be for Los Gatos homes after a water loss or flood, many challenges and obstacles can prevent this from being successful. Flooding can be among the more destructive disasters to impact properties, especially with many homes in the area being ranch-style properties. Split-level homes with partial subterranean construction can be directly affected by natural flooding spreading throughout your community.

As much as flood damage in Los Gatos homes can vary, specific elements are fundamental and universal to each recovery job. Water removal and drying are needed actions taken to reduce the damage that flooding can do in a property and get you back to your routine as soon as possible. To accomplish this in the efficient timeline that we seek to provide, our SERVPRO team relies on a crafted blend of industry-leading equipment, experienced water restoration personnel, and fast response to the emergency. Initial actions taken immediately can help slow the progression of migrating water throughout the property, allowing us to focus on the structure's drying needs.  

What Are the Principles of Drying?  

Drying balances specific elements working together to eliminate moisture both in the environment and trapped in porous materials or contents. Each of these elements impacts the others, meaning that less of one means another factor must increase to compensate. The appropriate blend of these drying principles can change from one location to the next and often plays on the atmospheric conditions and readings conducted during the job scoping phase. This evaluation helps to determine the current conditions and how to best approach moisture removal and restoration for these readings after a flood. These disasters can also introduce other obstacles that could impact the pace of drying, such as debris, silt, and solids. At its base levels, moisture removal can break down into three elements: 

Temperature – Heat quickens the movement of molecules and can improve the chemical reactions necessary to facilitate evaporation. Lower temperatures can slow the progression of drying.

  • Airflow – The air movement can be vital to the drying process, but it can also hinder it. When vapor pressure brings higher humidity into drier spaces to even out, the higher moisture content can be an additional challenge for drying efforts.  
  • Humidity – Higher moisture conditions that exist for prolonged periods can provide ideal conditions for mold growth. However, moisture content knowledge can also ensure the right dehumidification tools get used to regulating these conditions for rapid drying. 

Should Repairs Happen First?  

Repairs are a necessary part of flood recovery in your home, especially with natural flood scenarios. Controlled demolition is one of the critical elements of managing contamination, as affected materials and contents can get removed and discarded before further migration of these effects can occur. With a group of in-house contractors available to respond with our SERVPRO technicians, we can provide efficient reconstruction solutions and temporary repairs to allow for mitigation to be a more practical approach. Initial repairs for your flooded structure might target:

  • Roof Damages
  • Structural Openings
  • Penetration Points  

How Does Water Migration Occur?  

The movement of water also plays a vital role in recovering the property after a flood loss in Los Gatos. Intruding water can move fast through single-story structures, allowing surface exposure to be a considerable concern and other factors that can contribute to more widespread migration of moisture, contaminants, and water. There are several methods of moving water throughout the property after a flood, but often these fall into a few primary categories: 

  • Vapor Pressure – High and low-pressure vapor areas exist between the environment outside of the house, areas in structural cavities, and the central atmosphere in the affected areas. The environment is always seeking to establish a balance of these conditions, allowing for water vapor to migrate from one area of the property to another. 
  • Liquid Migration – The literal traveling of water from its penetration points throughout the structure is the most direct and visible damage path in flooding conditions. These threats require extraction and water removal equipment to address.
  • Saturation – Standing water can present exposure concerns for porous materials like wood plank flooring, drywall, carpeting, and other sensitive surfaces. The absorption of water can allow migration to continue into structural cavities and be a more significant obstacle for restorers. 

As challenging as flood losses might be, you can count on the experience and equipment of our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno team to make it "Like it never even happened." Contact us today at (408) 600-2020. 

What Are the Main Objectives of Professional Flood Recovery?

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Rain Storm We know the steps to get your Los Gatos home back from Flood damage. Give us a call today, We are always available.

When flooding occurs in your Los Gatos home, we can employ several tasks and equipment to make it "Like it never even happened."

Flooding can become one of the most challenging disasters for property owners to address in their Los Gatos homes. While it might be desirable to overcome these conditions on your own, this is not always possible without the direct intervention and actions of our SERVPRO professionals. With emergencies like penetrating water, there are multiple strategies for minimizing the ultimate damage through mitigation solutions such as water removal, cleaning, and content recovery.

Because flood damage in Los Gatos homes could mean multiple conditions, the restoration and recovery of these disasters must begin immediately. We have a substantial roster of water restoration technicians accredited through standard-setting firms like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA). With this extensive training and experience in the field, we can overcome many of the initial hurdles that threaten area houses from the onset of floodwater penetration.The main objectives of responding technicians include:

  • Extraction – This specific effort focuses on removing surface water pooling throughout the property, trapped water in porous materials, or the standing water that can be as deep as several feet in specific flooding occurrences. 
  • Cleaning – Flooding can leave your home in desperate need of thorough cleaning, even when contaminants are not a concern. We have experienced cleaning technicians ready to respond, from residues and debris removal to help your home through each of these phases. 
  • Content Management – In many ways, the items and personal belongings in your house can be as valuable and meaningful as the structure itself. We have several methods of protecting your possessions. 
  • Drying – As with all water loss scenarios, even various flooding conditions, drying is the backbone of returning the property to its preloss state. 

What Is the Most Efficient Extraction Approach? 

Water removal is an evolving situation, so the tools that get used to address this condition must meet the current threat. While we have many extraction tools in our extensive recovery inventory, choosing the right one of these options makes mitigation and, ultimately, restoration more efficient and cost-effective for the customer. We have a wide range of capabilities, from handheld units that can move from one damaged area to another to outdoor machines running off a truck engine that can pull water from a property at a forceful 300 psi. Some of the typical options we choose among for extraction include:

What Areas Need to be Cleaned?

Cleaning is an essential step after a flood loss. Natural flooding amplifies this need, as there is an added threat of contaminations like bacteria, sewage, or viral pathogens that could have entered in with the rising waters. When contamination is not a threat, there are still many areas that need to get thoroughly cleaned throughout the property, including spaces where controlled demolition was necessary, carpets held water, residues were left behind on surfaces and other situations.

What Happens to My Belongings? 

Content management is one of the most critical services that our SERVPRO team offers after any loss incident, as all disasters that impact your home could have a detrimental effect on your possessions. In the case of flooding, several unique threats could destroy your belongings, including foul odors, water damage, and surface staining. Based on the severity of the damage and what our initial inspection and scoping of the property determines, we have several potential approaches to help us determine what is best for exposed contents. We offer solutions for:

  • On-Site Relocation
  • On-Site Cleaning and Recovery
  • Off-Site Cleaning, Recovery, and Storage

How Can My Home Get Dry After Widespread Flood Loss? 

Drying your property is not a one-size-fits-all solution after a widespread water loss emergency. Even with the bulk of the water damage resolved through effective extraction and content management steps, improper drying can allow for secondary harmful effects like mold colonies to develop. We utilize many tools and are careful about their placement to maximize their output and performance in the drying zones. This continual monitoring shows when these units should get moved or positioned in more damaged areas of the structure.

Flooding can be a challenging obstacle for even our certified and experienced SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno team. We have a fast response and extensive inventory of recovery tools to help your property however it needs after a flood loss. We are ready to respond 24/7 when you call (408) 600-2020.

Will the Walls and Floors with Floodwater Dry on Their Own?

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 flood cut in a bathroom Do you have storm damage in your Los Gatos home? Call SERVPRO to mitigate the flood issues that containmentated your house.

SERVPRO Has the Advanced Equipment to Make Water Damage a Thing of the Past in Your Los Gatos Home

When floodwater enters your Los Gatos home, the timer starts ticking on the loss. Even an inch of water can wind up behind the baseboards, within the sheetrock and seep into the flooring. It is crucial to get the water extracted and the property dried as soon as possible after the water loss event to limit the damage to the structure and contents.

What Are Some of the Dangers of Floodwater in a Home?

Even brief exposure to flood damage can leave a Los Gatos home with a host of restoration challenges. When entering the loss area, be aware of the following scenarios:

  • Warped floorboards
  • Delaminated resilient tiles can cause slip and fall accidents
  • Floor outlets in contact with the water can cause shock
  • Possible contaminants make the water dangerous to handle
  • If you remove anything from the water, wear gloves and other needed PPE personal protective equipment. Leave other items in location for SERVPRO techs to inspect and clean

Testing the Water Before Cleanup is Vital

When floodwater enters your home, it picks up anything on the way there. If it flows through mud, chemicals, or a backed-up drain containing sewage, all of it has the potential to contaminate your house. There are different types of water testing that SERVPRO technicians have access to. They can tell if any harmful bacteria or pathogens are present in the water and treat it proactively before handling it during mitigation efforts.

Can I Use a Wet/Dry Vac to Remove Floodwater?

Household shop vacuums are great for removing small amounts of liquids from surfaces; however, they lack the pulling power needed to extract embedded moisture from within flooring and wall cavities. The portable pumps brought on-site by SERVPRO can remove more water at an expedited pace, and ready the loss area for drying much faster.

Particular Actions Needed for Flood Loss Affecting Walls

Water wicks rapidly into building materials when it enters the home. This extent of the damage may not be readily evident through visual inspection. When scoping a room for the migration paths of water, it can wind up in surprising areas, far away from the origination point of the loss. The techs use different types of detection equipment to "see" behind walls and under most flooring types to detect elevated areas of moisture, so they know where to focus their efforts. The sheetrock continues to wick moisture, and it can travel several inches upward. The techs measure over the highest watermark on the wall referred to as a "waterline" and cut the sheetrock off several inches above that point. This halts any further loss and makes repairs easy after the mitigation efforts complete.

Flooring Needs Fast Action for Floodwater Removal

SERVPRO technicians get to work on arrival and begin extraction efforts and moving items out of the flood loss area. The type of flooring and water depth dictates the kind of water extraction equipment needed. When water is greater than two inches deep, submersible and truck-mounted pumps, get used until the water is low enough to bring in other forms of extraction equipment. Portable pumps are ideal for allowing the techs to move quickly around a loss area and pull up the water. Squeegees and other manual tools such as mops get used on slab substrate to ready it for drying.

Laminate vinyl tile flooring often has seepage issues into the subfloor and may lose adhesion. Hardwood floorboards get inspected on a case by case basis for restoration through the advanced drying and cleaning applications. Composite flooring tends to react poorly to water exposure and many times is a loss. Ceramic tile frequently holds up against even extensive floodwater when the seal on the grout remains intact.

Items That May Have No Recovery Potential After a Home Flood

Although the advanced cleaning and restoration methods go a long way towards helping property owners lessen loss after a flood in their home, some things may not be recoverable. Groundwater carries a rating as a class three biohazard for a good reason; there are often numerous harmful elements present. For that reason the following items usually have no restoration potential after exposure to floodwater:

  • Saturated carpet and padding
  • Sofas and loveseat with warped or cracked frames from swelling
  • Pillows and fabric items
  • Food items compromised by the water needs disposal
  • Electronics need to get inspected by an industry professional to see if they require repair and are safe for use
  • Composite flooring fares poorly against water absorption

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 has certified technicians available 24/7 to handle any size flood damage cleanup and restoration in your home, call today.

Flood Damage Los Gatos – Entire Bottom Floor

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Carpet removal Storm damage in your Los Gatos home? Don’t let moisture take over, call SERVPRO right away.

Some of SERVPRO’s Flood Damage Mitigators Steps to Restoring Your Home After Flood Damage

Torrential downpours can cause a great deal of flash flooding. Storm drains, and channels cannot handle the massive amounts of water that cascades down streets and often into homes. Depending on the elevation, the entire bottom story of a home may flood with water. Two-story homes at least have some space for homeowners to place themselves out of harm's way.

SERVPRO has provided flood damage restoration services in Los Gatos and surrounding areas for many years. We are available on a 24 / 7 basis to respond to our client's needs and help recover from devastating disasters. We have the equipment and trained team members to remove the water, dry, and clean your home.

Flood Cuts and Carpet Removal

Floodwaters contain many hazards; some are biohazards, while others may be chemical. These hazards can be dangerous to human health, and we urge clients to protect themselves in flooded areas. SERVPRO initially makes an assessment and prepares a plan to deal with the damage from the floodwaters.

We remove the water and any debris carried into the home. Next, we remove all carpeting and items damaged beyond repair. We make flood cuts several inches above the high water mark on your walls. The damaged drywall is removed, and any water and moisture that penetrated the wall are removed.

Tiled floors and all other hard surface items are cleaned and decontaminated. Spaces under the floor and inside cupboards, as well as crevices, are checked for moisture and contamination. If water is detected, SERVPRO can drill holes to access the area. We pump the water out, and we use specialized vacuums and drying equipment to dry these hard to reach spaces completely.

We aim to clean, dry, and restore your home to its preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos /Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Cambrian Park, Lexington Hills, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Residential Flood Damage in Los Gatos

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flooding caused damage to home Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Using Quiet Electric Submersible Pumps for Residential Flood Damage in Los Gatos

Flooding can have a debilitating effect on your everyday life. In the worst-case scenarios, you may even have to temporarily relocate during restoration if the structure of your home becomes unsafe or is at risk of further flooding. However, it is often possible to stay in your home while recovery takes place. Staying in the property can pose its problems as water removal equipment, and drying procedures can be noisy. It can stretch beyond a month to get your home back to the way it was before the flood.

Most homeowners seek out professional flood damage restoration services here in Los Gatos. Local providers have an advantage as they can arrive at the property quickly and return regularly to measure the effectiveness of the drying procedure. One drawback of using regional companies is that they may lack the resources, equipment, or expertise to perform their role to your standards. At SERVPRO, we use local technicians with the backing of national resources. By doing so, we can provide qualified technicians with state-of-the-art equipment to this community.

Pumping standing water out of your home is an essential mitigation task. Water migrates, it is heavy, and it can absorb into materials or degrade with long-term exposure. All of these factors can lead to permanent losses in your home. However, there is a litany of different pumping equipment, with each one having its benefits and drawbacks. Being able to choose the correct equipment for the right job can speed up a restoration service. SERVPRO technicians stock self-priming trash pumps, high-pressure pumps, and electric submersible pumps.

In flooding scenarios, the most common pump we use is the electric submersible pump. Electric submersible pumps are useful because they do not suffer from suction lift limitations. These pumps are waterproof and adaptable, coming in either portable or truck-mount. For a homeowner, electric submersible pumps are the least invasive. Electric motors are significantly quieter than petrol motors; however, if there are solids, we may need to use trash pumps to get the job done.

We aim to get your property back to its best with minimum inconvenience to you. Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

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How Flood Damage Leads to Mold Damage in Los Gatos

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 Mold growing behind wallpaper Water damage, left unattended, can cause mold growth. Don’t let this happen to your home! We can remediate the water and mold damage.

Flood and Mold Go Hand in Hand in Los Gatos

The unpredictability of the weather has become commonplace in California. It seems like we can be fighting floods at the same time fires are raging nearby. Whether it is fire or flood damage, homeowners must be alert and ready to act as soon as disaster strikes. Understanding the path to home restoration and the role a professional crew plays is key to mitigating both emotional and material losses. Knowing whom to approach in case of emergency is the responsibility of the property owner and essential in protecting your home.

Flood damage in Los Gatos is well within the scope of what we do at SERVPRO. Our technicians train with industry experts to anticipate the cumulative deterioration a flood can cause, and we turn our expertise into an action plan for your home. Understanding the principles behind water extraction and drying techniques allow us to be effective in restoring your home. Our staff is available around the clock.  As soon as it is safe to deploy, all you need to do is call us.

An essential consequence of flooding is the presence of mold. Increased humidity makes a friendly environment for mold to multiply, which is why our SERVPRO team attempts to manage moisture levels as soon as possible. Many ignore the temperature and the presence of organic materials. Both contribute to the proliferation of mold and need attention. A mere 12 hours is enough time for mold spores to multiply, and colonies can form in as little as 24 hours. Every minute that water is left standing is another minute for bacteria to grow and compromise the structure of your home and your possessions. To avoid health repercussions, all humans dwelling in your home should wear personal protective equipment, so microbes do not enter the body.

There are real repercussions to flood damage, and sometimes it is invisible to the average homeowner. Our staff at SERVPRO of Los Gatos/ Monte Sereno is an expert at addressing your restoration needs after an unfortunate event. All you need to do is call us at (408) 600-2020 and let us dispatch a crew to your home. Together, we can make it look, “Like it never even happened.”

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Proper Drying Is Crucial After A Flood In Your Los Gatos Home

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Mold and moisture buildup on wall of a house Drying a property fully helps eliminate many problems, including microbial growth.

Steps That Ensure Proper Drying After Flood Damage Affects Your Los Gatos Property

If your property floods, you can expect a myriad of issues. However, wet materials and contents are likely the most significant challenges you might face. Ensuring your property dries fully is, therefore, an essential step in the restoration of flood damage. You must perform several steps to achieve the intended outcome, which is why it is crucial to involve a professional restorer like SERVPRO.

Thorough Water Extraction
Standing water causes a significant percentage of the flood damage affecting your Los Gatos property. Faster removal paves the way for other drying processes and also limits the extent of secondary damages that occur. Extracting water requires the right equipment. Our SERVPRO crews carry a wide range of water removal pumps, including self-priming trash pumps that remove water mixed debris. We also remove carpets and other porous materials covering surfaces to minimize the amount of moisture left over after the extraction process.

Ventilating the Property
For contents and building materials to dry, the moisture they absorb from floodwaters must evaporate into the air. Ventilating the property helps improve the drying process by ensuring the humidity levels in the air do not reach saturation levels. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to help ensure this. For example, instead of opening windows and doors in the name of ventilating the home, we prefer a closed system whereby we use air movers to boost evaporation and dehumidifiers to regulate the humidity levels. We also create drying chambers for areas such as hardwood floors, which might require special attention.

Managing the Level of Wetness in Materials
It is possible to leave the drying process halfway done unintentionally, which can have grave consequences later on.  Some materials might be dry on the surface while moisture is still trapped deep inside.  Instead of casual observation, our SERVPRO technicians use various moisture detection equipment, including moisture meters with probes, to verify that all materials are dry to average moisture levels. For example, we check whether the moisture level in wood drops to around 10%, which is standard dryness.

Drying a property fully helps eliminate many problems, including microbial growth. Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 to help deal with the moisture issues from flooding, “Like it never even happened.”

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Take The Stress Out Of Storm Damage Remediation In Los Gatos

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flooded modern bedroom When flooding and flood damage happens in your home, seek higher ground. Then contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Why Wait for Professionals after Flood Damage in Your Los Gatos Home Yet Time is Critical

Flooding incidents can happen when least expected. Even when anticipated, the scope of damage can devastate you. Time is a critical factor during flood damage events because the longer a property remains submerged, the more damages occur. Although you might feel pressed to take actions to save your property, there are reasons why you might want to wait for professional help.

Incidents like flood damage affecting your Los Gatos home not only ruin your home but also lead to third party damages. These might include issues like vandalism and damage by weather elements from openings created during the main event leading to flooding. Instead of burdening yourself with intricate tasks such as cleanup, securing your property is one task you can focus on as you wait and make a difference. You can turn off power mains and seal any openings you find which might allow small animals or even people into your house. Taking such actions prevents unnecessary third party damages.

You might want to venture into your stricken house to save valuable contents or even check the extent of damages. However, entering a house after flooding is dangerous for several reasons including compromised structural integrity, presence of contaminants, and even small but dangerous animals seeking shelter in your property.  Professionals can assess the situation before entering the house to determine how safe it is. Our SERVPRO technicians also have various PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, including rubber boots, hard hats, rubber gloves, and other gear. They can, therefore, enter the flooded property with minimal risk.

Most of the tasks needed to restore the property to its preloss state require sufficient resources to carry out properly. For example, the contamination and soiling of surfaces might not go away easily. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on equipment such as pressure washers to remove sludge and mud. We also perform controlled demolition to removed contaminated materials such as drywall panels and carpets to ensure no traces of contamination remain.

A bungled restoration process after flooding can have long-term implications. Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno after an incident at (408) 600-2020 to help clean up and rebuild, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Trained Technicians Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Los Gatos Home After A Flood Disaster

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When their is a power outage we bring our own source of power to operate the necessary water damage restoration equipment.

Flood Damage Incidents Should Not Bring Your Los Gatos Property to a Halt

Severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms may lead to flood damage. Though most of us understand the need to take steps to prevent basement flooding, some situations may be overwhelming and demand professional help. For instance, weak areas or cracks within the foundation may allow flood water to seep into the basement. When that happens, we end up with damp carpets, and there is a need to pump out the water as well as remove the debris that the water carries into your Los Gatos property.

When our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home to perform flood damage restoration in Los Gatos we start by inspecting the property. During this step, we determine whether it is safe to enter the site. There are several dangers to expect when you visit flooded properties, and some of them are gas leaks, foundation cracks, chemical spills, and the danger of electrocution. You now understand why we turn off the electricity and seek alternative sources of electricity whenever we are working for you.

Our SERVPRO technicians wear protective equipment when dealing with flood water since it may be comprised of black water, which is highly contaminated. Using the right protective gear during the restoration process prevents possible health effects. If the water is still flowing into the site, it is our work to prevent the flow and put in place procedures of drying the affected items.

To hasten the drying process, we may remove the water soaked items from the site. In some cases, we may enhance the circulation of air within the area by using air movers and fans to speed up the drying process. As wet items lose water, it settles in the surrounding air, and with time, it may condense and cause further flood damage. To prevent such an eventuality, we set up dehumidifiers to absorb the excess moisture. We usually advise the property owner to discard carpets that have been contaminated by flood water.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno has highly trained restoration technicians who work 24/7 to make your property appear “Like it never even happened.” Call (408) 600-2020 and get a chance of working with a reliable industry leader.

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We Can Restore Your Damaged Home In Los Gatos

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You can reach us at (408) 600-2020. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Saving Contents From Severe Flood Damage In Los Gatos

If a flood hits your home, you have to deal with the adverse effects on both the structure and the contents it holds. While many of the effects, such as soiling and pile up of debris like silt happen immediately the floodwaters start flowing into the house, others happen gradually. Fast action can help save contents especially from the damages that take time. One of the advantages of hiring a professional team to mitigate the effects of flooding in Los Gatos is a fast response.

One of the main ways to save contents in homes affected by flood damage in Los Gatos is moving them from the property or the affected areas to areas untouched by the floodwaters such as rooms in higher floors. To complete such moves quickly, you need resources such as people or lifting equipment, especially when dealing with heavy items such as furniture. Our SERVPRO technicians work in teams making it easier to move items. We also arrange move outs to offsite climate-controlled warehouses.

Floodwaters are classified as black because of contamination with chemicals and disease-causing microorganisms. Therefore, replacement is the only solution for any predominantly porous contents affected by floodwaters including carpets, pad, and upholstery. However, it is possible to save a highly valued area rugs through cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians clean such rugs, immerse them in a biocide and re-clean them before drying. Such thorough cleaning helps eliminate any traces of contamination left by floodwaters.

Flooding also soils non-porous contents such as wooden furniture, cabinets and other fixtures. Washing such items thoroughly and drying them helps restore their preloss state. Our SERVPRO technicians use pressure washers and professional cleaning agents to disinfect and sanitize the items. Our crew will then use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry them. We can also create drying chambers with plastic sheets to improve the drying rate.

You can save more contents in your flooded home with help from SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno. You can reach us at (408) 600-2020. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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What Few People Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Los Gatos

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Flooding can happen very quickly and affect many rooms in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation options.

Sooner or Later Los Gatos Residents Must Gear Up for Flood Damage

Changing weather patterns in Los Gatos and elsewhere make one thing certain -- a homeowner can never be sure when to expect flood waters. Taking the time to evaluate your storage decisions and the vulnerabilities of your electronics, utilities, and other systems is a wise idea in any season, but in anticipation of a flooding scenario is crucial. Rely on the training and expertise we hold to help you make sensible and practical decisions to avoid significant damage during flooding.

Flood damage in Los Gatos is an event with which no homeowner can prepare adequately. There are, however, many proactive tasks that can help a property withstand flooding more productively. You need a professional evaluation of any effects on your home if flood waters do intrude but can rest more assured that your valuable and treasured possessions fare better if you anticipate what might happen.

Flooding can occur inside your home due to appliance malfunction or plumbing fails. Take stock of the condition of pipes, hoses, and connections, including the sewer line, and arrange for repairs and replacements if necessary. Consider installing a sump pump to evacuate water quickly and reliably from lower levels if overland flooding or a backup occurs. Even if these measures handle the majority of any flood water remember moisture can remain in porous building materials or hidden recesses. SERVPRO crews use moisture meters and thermal scanners to locate residual water. We also set drying goals and deploy the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to achieve those marks.

Clear debris from gutters and downspouts, making sure those configurations are appropriately installed and repaired if needed. Reconsider storing articles in the lower levels of your home, taking the opportunity to move items to areas in your home unlikely to suffer from the effects of flood waters. Although SERVPRO does have methods to dry and preserve wet papers, critical documents should find a home in a safe deposit box, and other items that tax your ability to store can be transferred to an offsite storage locker.

Review the specifications of appliances and systems installed in your potential flood area. Discuss ways to protect this essential equipment with the vendors who sold them to you, previous owners, or the builders of your home. Elevating washers, dryers, water heaters, and other machinery can save them from permanent damage if you endure a flood.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno pledges to be there to help members of our communities if flooding is an issue. Contact us for an assessment and plan of action at (408) 600-2020.
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San Jose Weathers Another Storm-Induced Setback by Calling SERVPRO for Cleanup

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Saves Storm and Flood Damaged Homes in San Jose

Can Unexpected Flood Damage Affect San Jose Again?

Residents remember the fear and damage of the Coyote Creek flooding in San Jose within the last couple of years. The chances are good that our community may suffer a similar disaster, or that individuals might find their homes swimming in water because of interior plumbing or appliance fails. No matter how your home becomes a flood target, we have the technicians and equipment to return your dwelling to preloss condition.

San Jose flood damage demands the professionalism and resources of our team of IICRC-trained technicians and experienced project managers. Flood damage can be severe, but when well-prepared crew uses research-based strategies and innovative equipment and products the outcome of remediation can be successful. Our focus is always to restore rather than demolish and rebuild, the goal making if “Like it never even happened.”

One thing to avoid when dealing with flood damage is a wait-and-see attitude. The SERVPRO team has the best results when homeowners invite us to assess the situation, devise a plan, and move toward implementation within hours of the crisis. The longer water remains undisturbed in various spaces of your home, the more likely that building materials disintegrate, mold growth threatens, and odors proliferate.

Flood waters from weather systems or overflowing waterways pose significant contamination issues. Fast action is necessary to contain and remove this type of moisture as it exposes the inhabitants of your home to the risk of pathogens. When SERVPRO removes the water with our commercial pumps and extractors, we might need to contain and dispose of it following local hazardous water disposal rules.

Even relatively clean water that fills you home after a water heater rupture or supply line leak can transform to gray or black water within a day or two. The debris loosened by the water, spores always on surfaces or airborne, and the passage of time encourages microbial growth. SERVPRO recommends standing water removal as soon as possible, supported by the pumps and extractors we carry on every service vehicle.

After the flood waters exit the scene, SERVPRO crews work on structural drying and sanitization to return your premises to preloss condition. We use EPA registered antimicrobials, and the skills learned in IICRC courses to achieve these goals, measuring the moisture content of structure during drying and repositioning air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to create the most efficient balance, so excess water in all its forms is collected and discarded.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno is ready to assist if floods damage your home. Call our office at (408) 600-2020 to set up an assessment without delay.

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What Few People Know About How Floodwaters in Cambrian Park Affect the Structure of Your Home

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Regardless of the source of the flooding in your home, contact SERVPRO to remove the water and remediate any remaining damage.

The Dangers of Floodwaters in Your Cambrian Park Home

While the primary effects of disasters affecting your Cambrian Park home might seem substantial enough, these are rarely the only things that a homeowner has to worry about when working towards recovery of the damage. As our technicians have seen through flooding situations that have affected the area, floodwaters often pose risks stretching well beyond the high volume of water inside your residence.

Flood damages to your Cambrian Park home are often difficult to determine at first. While the primary effect is evident, there are secondary effects and impacts to the structural integrity of your home and its contents that have yet to get accurately assessed. Once our SERVPRO team arrives, we can get to work on the extraction of the pooled water through truck-mounted pumps that pull water from the affected areas fast. Once the bulk of the excess water has gotten removed, our technicians can assess the full scope of the damage to your home.

While the water effects prove the most problematic, requiring many pieces of equipment to reach wall cavities and inaccessible areas to ensure moisture levels return to acceptable parameters, drying is only part of the remaining problem to face. Floodwaters often carry debris, dirt, and mud into your home along with the rushing water, soiling surfaces, flooring, and carpets. Our SERVPRO technicians have deep cleaning equipment to help overcome these effects and clean up the mess that the flood has left behind.

Structural concerns also get assessed once the drying process is underway. While our focus is preservation over demolition, overly saturated walls weaken quickly. Even with the advanced equipment at our disposal, reconstruction is often part of the flood recovery process for many homes.

As much as you might want to overcome the effects of a flood in your home immediately, restoration is an involved process that requires precision and expertise. Our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno rapid response team can help to mitigate your loss in these situations and work efficiently to ensure that restoration does not take a second longer than necessary. Give our team a call anytime that you need us at (408) 600-2020.

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When Storms of Floods hit Los Gatos / Monte Sereno is ready!

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

Photo Caption: Our highly trained crews are ready to respond 24/7 to storm or flood damage in Los Gatos / Monte Sereno.


SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit Los Gatos / Monte Sereno, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

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